SOL BA English Hons. Previous Year Question Papers & Last Minute Tips for Scoring High

SOL BA English Hons. Previous Year Question Papers & Last Minute Tips for Scoring High

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SOL BA English Hons. Previous Year Question Papers for all parts are available for download. The SOL exams are starting from 15th May 2017 use these previous year question papers for exam preparations.

View complete SOL BA English Hons. and BA Political Science Date Sheet here.

Download PDF SOL BA English Hons. Previous Year Question Papers

Main Papers:

1. Paper I – English Literature 4 (Paper 1 English Lit 4 (1) and  Paper 1 English Lit 4 (2))

2. Paper II 20th Century Indian Writing

Concurrent Course

1. Environmental Issues in India (Question Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3)

2. Reading Gandhi (Question Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3)

3. The Individual and Society (Question Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3)

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Last Minute Tips for Scoring High in SOL BA English Hons. Examination 2017:

1. Context and Content are both King

Questions such as ‘Write Character Sketch of Iago from Othello’ can be open ended one. Therefore, it is difficult to write answers that are pinpointed critical analysis without digression. But, you have to stick to the context and focus on writing quality content.

2. Quality wins over Quantity

English literature students believe that writing 2000 worded answer will help them score high in BA English Hons. Let me tell you that is never the case with any professor checking your answer sheets. Hence, if you can write sublime and quality answer within 400 words you could easily expect high score.

3. Relate and Correlate

If you have gone through background readings, socio-economic contexts, writers’ background and other related themes, genre, movements etc. Then you can use all these in your answer writing. A DU professor checking your answer sheet would love to see a well researched answer.

4. Practice Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing

Well, this is not a last minute tip per se. However, every BA English Hons. student should have these skills. It helps you to write original answers and score high in exams (any exam you name it). Therefore, practice these skills, you will find it easy to score high every time.

5. Cleanliness is next to Godliness

By this, I mean your handwriting. Make sure you write cleanly without making lots of cuts and lines. Stay within alignment and margins, and focus on writing cleanly instead of beautifying it. No professor will appreciate your cursive writing skills and give you extra marks for it.

6. Check your facts

Most students make mistakes in dates and names. Ensure you that your facts are accurate. It is difficult to memorize it, but it can be done in structured way during your preparations. Or you could take help of SOL BA English Honours coaching.  

7. Time Management

Often student waste their precious time to main questions. That eventually leaves them with little time for other low marks questions. Manage your time effectively and use it optimally. If you believe some questions may take less time then complete those first. And then use your major portion of time for high marks questions. It can be other way round as well.

If you have any questions related to SOL BA English Hons. do let us know in comment box below.

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SOL Books DU Teachers and We Recommend You To Buy

Indian Classical Literature

The Mahabharat – Dicing, Sequel to Dicing and Karna Temptation

Kalidasa: The Loom of Time (Abhijnanasakuntalam)

The Mrichchhakatika of Sudraka

The Cilappatikaram

Yuganta: The End of an Epoch


The Cilappatikaram

Yuganta: The End of an Epoch


European Classical Literature

The Iliad, Homer

The Theban Plays

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The Holy Bible, New International Version

The Republic, Plato

Ecology Environmental Science and Conservation

SOL DU Book – Environment

Ecology Environmental Science and Conservation

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  • Can you please tell me that the last year question paper topics will help me this year.. Or the paper will come fully opposite..

    Ilma khan Reply
    • We cannot tell you 100 percent that questions will be from previous years question papers. Nevertheless, we have seen pattern of questions repeating each year. Therefore, we recommend that always go through previous year question papers of SOL BA English Hons. However, to score high you will always need excellent writing skills and critical thinking, hence also work upon it. Best of luck!

      admin Reply
  • Is there same semester system for sol students

    Sheeba Reply
  • Do we need to read the content or just the study material would do?

    Aakanksha Reply
    • You will always need to read the text, author’s background, and criticals of the given text. Apart from the study material provided by SOL. There are no shortcuts. You’ve to do it, if you want to score in BA English Honors, and make a career in it. Also, work on your writing skills that are highly crucial for you to score.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Sir will you tell me about the pattern of questions and marks

    Manoj kr. Sahu Reply
  • Is it important to learn everything which is to be studied??

    himanj Reply
  • Plese tell me what is the benefit of optional paper in 3 year …

    Kashish Reply
  • Hello. Will an English Honours degree from SOL have the same value as one getting it from a regular course in Hansraj College?! Both are under the University of Delhi,right?! Kindly clarify.

    Priyam Kanungo Reply
    • Yes, both have the same value.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Can you please tell me that we should the answers serial wise or from any question we can start…

    Ahana Malik Reply
    • You can start from anywhere if you want. But make sure that you mention question no. in the margin. Therefore, the checker is clear, which answer to question he/she is checking.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • can you please tell me we have to write poet description in every answer in poetry exam??

    Ahana Malik Reply
  • can u pls tell me that
    how to write my ans to get high marks in the exam

    Gaurav kumar Reply
  • Sir can you please tell me the ideas how will we study so that we will be able to understand the concept. Because we are the distance students

    Rubita pradhan Reply
    • Extensively read the criticism and theory to build your critical thinking skills in English Literature. Often SOL English Literature students ignore and skip it that eventually leads to less understanding of the concepts and literary works.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • sir i would like to know tha question pattern of eng hons paper

    muskan rai Reply
    • Exam pattern is given in the previous year question papers.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • sir I am student of English honours part 1 but semester one exam I did not write that time I was not well .semester one exam important to write or not?

    rashila samad Reply
    • Yes it is important to appear for all the semester in order to achieve your graduation in BA English Honors degree.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Sir will you tell me about the question paper of previous year?

    Akash Khan Reply
  • I have chose B.A (H) with English Higher , But I didn’t got the English Higher Learning Material from D.U sol. Plz suggest How do I get It. though I have Purchases English contemporary; Is this equivalent to English Higher?

    Shweta Reply
  • PlZ give us the tips and the ideas to prepare well for exams nd score good in ba English honours 1st yr…PlZ help me.

    Jyoti Reply
  • What can be the probable essays(part-III) for this year?

    Anirban Reply
  • I want to know that is there any online classes is available or not m not to stand for go anywhere kindly help me

    Neha singh Reply
  • How can i previous year english hons paper 7

    Kumuda Reply
  • Please give me 2nd sem sessional. Questions

    Jayashree das Reply
  • I got re in literature theory subject can u plzz help me to clear this subject this time plz reply asap thnx

    bharti baniwal Reply
  • I have taken English.. I hve to give both the exams lyk English language n English literature or any one.. because dey both differ in dates or I have to give only one

    Ayushi gupta Reply
  • Will the last year papers questions will help me this year???

    Elen Tigga Reply
    • Yes, ofcourse!

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Ui want to know which book should i buy to score good marks.I am in ba eng hons sol 2nd year .

    Priya Reply
  • Can you plz tell me about how many papers I have to give according to my subjects

    pooja bansal Reply
    • Please tell us the year of your SOL BA English honors?

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Is there any practical in 1 st year english honors???

    Neeraj Reply
  • Can you provide with gender and society question paper??

    Jayati Reply
  • can you please tell me that 1st year question paper topic will help me this year…..and the paper will come fully opposite….

    manisha choudhary Reply
  • whats the sllabus for women writing in 20th century in english honours 3rd year

    ritu Reply
  • Hi I am looking for last 5 year question paper for literature 3 paper 6. i.e. from 2012 to 2017

    Prem Chaudhary Reply
  • Can u plzz provide me question paper of geography of india 2nd year

    Ekku Reply
  • From where to study for ETHICS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN…..there is no book available…also sol has not provided any study material of the same

    Parul Reply
  • Sir around how much marks can i get from the questions of 20 and 15 marks if i have written correct???

    Saurav Reply
    • Well, that largely depends on the checker. However, you’ve written quite well, then you could expect to score above 60 percent.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • I want question paper of previous year of english honours kolhan university

    Manisha kumari Reply
  • Sir ,please upload question previous 2nd sem 2017english paper1,2.

    krishna pandey Reply
  • the sample paper was not downloadable from where can i get sample paper PDF file.

    Md Mojahid Hussain Reply
  • Can u plz tell me when will result 2018 eng hons part 1 will come?

    Navdha Garg Reply
    • We think it is already out, please check the SOL official site.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Can i get previous year or any sample paper of Ba english hons 2nd year psycology for living, i m not able to find book related, because sol will not provide books for this subject, where can i find this book.

    Mohana Reply
    • You could either look for the book in library or you could purchase it online here:

      Learning Skills Reply
  • sir mai english hons ka student hu please aap 2019 ke important question bataye

    nisha Reply
    • Just analyze the previous year question papers, as often questions repeat or around the same topic.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • hey, please give me information on concurrent courses. i am doing enh hons (part 2) and i cannot find any question paper or sample paper regarding those two subjects. names- formal logic and geography of india. my exams are starting n a week. please reply ASAP

    muskan Reply
    • Sorry, we don’t have information regarding the concurrent courses. We request all our readers if somebody have information, then please feel free to share it on our WhatsApp (click the button on the right-hand side) or email us at

      Learning Skills Reply
  • As can you give me some suggestion for important topics due to less time i am unable to do all sylabus

    simran kaur Reply
    • Go through previous year question papers, and try mock tests.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Yesterday I gave the exam of individual society ist year Sol was of 38 marks.what about the rest marks..please answer

    Pooja Bhandari Reply
    • Probably those marks are your attendance marks, but please confirm from SOL.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Can u Give me question paper of History of english literature of 7 College

    Mouaz Reply
  • Meri English hons semester 2ki exam near h you tell me important Q of exam views please sir

    Nurul hoda Reply
    • Go through previous year question papers, you will find out the important questions.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • pls . tell me the syllabus or the books of ba English honour in am to much confuse about the books and syllabus

    Deepshikha Reply
  • Sir l want a answer copy sheet of paper CC 2 of short answer on 2016 and 2017

    Shaswati Reply
  • Can u plzz send me the suggestion for the exam to be held in 2020 …English honours 4 and 5 th paper

    Zusti Reply

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