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Advance PowerPoint Online Course

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April 1, 2023
Batch Advance PowerPoint Online Course 2023
Duration Video Recorded Sessions With Subtitles
Start Date Re-launching in April 2023
Registration Starts March month 2023 onward
Fee Rs. 3***/-* (all inclusive)
 What’s more?
  • Recorded Slide Based Videos with Subtitles
  • Extra handouts in PDF format
  • Online Quizzes and Practicals
  • Email, SMS, Call, WhatsApp and Comment Box – Online Support

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  • Audio-Visual and Slide presentation supported classes
  • Focus on practical and experiential learning
  • Small sized batch of 25 students only
  • Trainer’s personalized teaching and training approach
  • State-of-the-art computer laboratory
  • Tricks and techniques for using PowerPoint innovatively

PowerPoint software application has important role to play in anyone’s life. Whether you are a student, professional or government employee.

To give presentation, you have to deal with PowerPoint. And try your best to impress your audience with engaging slide presentation.

But, you need complete knowledge and practice of PowerPoint. To exploit the best out of it, and create a impressive slide presentation.

Our Advance PowerPoint online course in Delhi helps you to get skills and knowledge in it. This course includes – Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Open Office Impress training.

Furthermore, you get to learn advance techniques and tricks in the PowerPoint.

That can help you make not just outstanding presentations. But also come with lot other things such as images, animations, videos and others.

  • comprehensive study material
  • expert trainers
  • small sized batches
  • personalized teaching
  • and audio-visual support

ensure that participants get the greatest benefits, and superlative classroom-learning environment.

Apart from this, participants get the hands-on-experience and special sessions on presentation training. That will help participants to develop presentation skills.

This PowerPoint online course is suitable for anyone – students, teachers, lecturers, professionals, government employees, businessmen, and entrepreneurs.


  1. Getting Started with PowerPoint
  2. MS PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Open Office Impress
  3. Presentation Basics
  4. Presentation Samples
  5. Creating a Presentation
  6. Designing a Presentation
  7. Audio, Video and Animation
  8. Using Templates
  9. Using Charts, Graphics, Icons and Others
  10. Advance PowerPoint Tools

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