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Online Personality Development Course

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April 1, 2023


Course , Life Skills
Batch Online Personality Development Course
Duration Video Recorded Sessions With Subtitles
Start Date Re-launching in April 2023
Registration Starts March month 2023 onward
Fee Rs. 2***/-* (all inclusive)
 What’s more?
  • Recorded Slide Based Videos with Subtitles
  • Extra PDF notes
  • Online Quizzes and Practicals
  • Email, SMS, Call, WhatsApp and Comment Box – Online Support

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  • 360-degree coverage of complete personality development of participants
  • Focus on experiential learning and developing transferable skills
  • Audio-visual and slide presentation supported classroom learning
  • Fun and interactive classroom training for effective learning
  • Batch size only up to 15 participants to allow personalized training
  • Learn to manage time, stress, emotions, team, and life
  • Special ballroom and party dance sessions
  • Learn to influence people, and achieve success in life
  • Acquire crucial skills, tricks, and knowledge for lifelong personal development

Undoubtedly, your personality and image are the most important part of you and your life. 

  • What you’re?
  • What you know? 
  • How you talk? 
  • How you react? 
  • What you want? 
  • And where you want to go?

are important to your life and people you meet every day.

However, managing one’s personality and developing it requires proper training and guidance from expert.

Yes, you can develop on your own, but you may not achieve desired results.

At Learning Skills, we have developed online personality development course. 

That equips you with life skills, tools, and ideas to grow and develop your personality.

We believe personality is ever evolving.

And with proper training you can evolve your personality. That in turn will help you achieve life’s goals.

In today’s fast-paced life, you need dynamic personality to stand out of the crowd.

This personality development courseempowers you to live life that you always wanted.

A personality that allows you to

  • Make life’s most crucial decisions in time and quality
  • Manage time and schedule properly
  • Impress, amaze, persuade, convince, and surprise people all around you
  • Possess negotiation, communication, and presentation skills
  • Boost your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Build network with people across classes, culture, geographies and others
  • Manage life-work balance
  • Manage personal learning and professional development
  • Boost your productivity and focus
  • Achieve success in life, career and business

Learning Skills Institute online personality development course is for anyone, who wants to improve his/her lifestyle and personality. 


  1. Life and Career Coaching and Motivation
  2. Special Sessions on Table Manners and Power Dressing
  3. Confidence Boosting Tips and Tricks
  4. Ethics, Etiquette and Netiquettes
  5. Spoken English, Gesture Control and Voice Modulation
  6. Presentation and Public Speaking
  7. Anger, Stress and Time Management
  8. Emotional Quotient
  9. Soft Skills Training
  10. Art of Conversation, Networking, Engagement and Influencing
  11. Continued Professional Development for Lifelong Learning
  12. Personal Branding
  13. Decision Making
  14. Achieving Personal Success

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Personal Development course is designed for people, who want to improve their personality and develop their personal brand.