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April 3, 2020
5 Months

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Batch UPSC Mains English Literature ONLINE CRASH COURSE for 2020 Exams
Admission Open Till 2nd April 2020
Batch Start Date 3rd April 2020
Duration 4 Months + 1 Month Test Series 
Classes 80+ Video Classes with Subtitles
Fee Rs. 30,000/-* (all inclusive)

Pay Fee Online:   Pay Fee Online  

 What’s more?
  • PDF Study Notes & In-Class Handouts
  • Slide-based Videos with Subtitles
  • Online Support Available Through SMS, Call, WhatsApp and Comment box
  • Online Test Series
  • Previous Year Question Paper Discussions

Call us at 011 27241812, +91 8750081919 or +91 9999149355

  • Targeted UPSC Mains English Literature preparations
  • Detailed covering of syllabus with revisions
  • Projector enabled and a/c supported classrooms
  • UPSC Mains English Literature study materials
  • Mock test and full test at regular intervals
  • Special sessions on critical writing skills development


Have you opted for English Literature subject in your UPSC CSE mains? Then, we could help you to crack.

Learning Skills Institute has designed special targeted course for UPSC aspirants to prepare for UPSC CSE Mains English Literature exam.

The UPSC Mains syllabus for English Literature is quite vast and detailed. Therefore, aspirants preparing for this subject need to put extra effort and go beyond just hard work.

We at Learning Skills with our UPSC mains English Literature preparations coaching help you to deal with the syllabus in a smart way.

That’s why, our expert teachers, who’re themselves NET qualified focuses upon on two aspects for preparations:

  • Objective knowledge with subjective approach
  • Critical writing skills development for English literature subject

In fact, both of these, are highly crucial for your success at cracking UPSC Mains English Literature exam.

Apart from this, our classrooms are Projector enabled and air-conditioned. That further enhances the classroom learning experience.

Moreover, we provide you with quality content and study material that can help you in self-study massively.

In addition, we make sure that our classroom remains small sized. That’s because we focus on quality and each student should get personalized help for the exam.

Furthermore, at regular intervals, we conduct the mock test and full test to regularly check student’s performance and preparations. That’s conducted to find out the weak areas of the students, and work on those weaknesses.

However, most often students preparing for UPSC mains English literature exam have weak writing skills. Therefore, extra efforts are directed towards writing skills development.

For this reason, our teachers provide you with model answers, techniques to enhance the quality of the answer, and other important tips.

Lastly, we go the extra mile to ensure that students get the best help and guidance to effectively prepare. Hence, we keep improving and innovating with classroom learning.

If you find it interesting, then you could register for the first class. That will give you a wholesome classroom and learning experience at Learning Skills Institute.

After attending the first class you could make up your mind whether you want to join or not.

For more information about the coaching please call our counselors on +91 8750081919 or email us at You could click on ‘contact us’ button above to get in touch with us.

Call us at 011 27241812, 8750081919, 9999149355 or email

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