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UGC NET English

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December 10, 2023
June & December 2024

UGC NET English Online Course for 2024 Exams :    Pay Fee Online  

UGC NET English Online Preparation Course for 2024 Exams

Target: June & December 2024 Exams
Total Videos: +250 Videos (with subtitles) [more details]
Admission Open Till: 10th December 2023
Course Duration: 1 year from the date of joining [more details]
Study Material: 3 booklets worth Rs. 5,000/- (2 booklets for English Literature Paper 2 and 1 Booklet for General Paper 1) (sent through India Post speed post service) [more details]
Online Test Series: +50 online test series online the lines of NTA UGC NET exams (+3500 questions on Paper 2 and +750 questions on Paper 1) [more details]
Interview: +20 Interview Preparation Sessions
Extra PDF Notes: +200 extra PDF notes (downloadable) [more details]
Online Support: Ask questions to teachers or counselors on platform through WhatsApp and Email  [more details]
Total Fee: Rs.20,000/- Rs. 14,999/-* all inclusive [more details] (25% discount valid only till 10th December 2023) 

Pay Fee Online:   Pay Fee Online  

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UGC NET English Online Course Important Details

UGC NET English Online Course is conducted on our dedicated learning management system platform –, you check out the course here –
Recorded video series each having subtitles and contains graphics, images, photos, figures and more to make interesting to learn and watch. Moreover, it is proven that graphically memory is the strongest memory of all.
Videos are highly targeted and structured to ensure you’re able to complete syllabus in time and quality.
Study materials (3 booklets) worth Rs. 6000/- part of the course that is copyrighted content developed our co-founder, Sonam Dahiya. The 2 booklets for Paper 2 and 1 booklet for Paper 1.
Online test series with each test in Paper 2 having 100 questions and each test in Paper 1 have 50 questions. We are using almost similar software to NTA UGC NET CBT exam to conduct these test series.
Extra PDF Notes are designed to cover objective details, extra topics in literary terms, theory and criticism and some topics in History of English literature. These notes are for supplementary reading that will enhance your knowledge further.
Online Support gives you facility to ask questions to teacher (Sonam Dahiya) as many times as you want from the platform itself. Moreover, you can take guidance from both Sonam Dahiya or counsellors regarding your career decisions and career path.
We have 10 years of experience guiding students to become assistant professors in India’s top-ranking universities and also apply abroad for research in world’s top-ranking universities.


UGC NET English Online Course Important Highlights

Age-wise classes to ensure chronological order and ease of learning
In-depth quality content with extremely high accuracy
No Wikipedia copy-paste job like other institutes and teachers
Complete coverage of UGC NET Paper 2 questions up to 95%-98%
All learning content is highly targeted and very structured
Objective based knowledge with subjective approach
100% coverage of General Paper 1 questions with detailed explanation
Complete support with all required resources and assistance

Are you looking for a comprehensive and highly structured course to help you prepare for the UGC NET English Literature Exam? Look no further than our Online UGC NET English Literature Exam Preparation Course! This course has been specifically designed to cover all aspects of the UGC NET English Literature syllabus, including both General Paper 1 and English Literature Paper 2.

Our course includes a wide range of resources to ensure that you have everything you need to succeed in the exam. The videos in the course are highly structured and targeted to ensure that you are easily able to cover all syllabus for both UGC NET English papers. Additionally, our Online Test Series allows you to practice and test your knowledge of the material covered in the course.

But that’s not all – we also provide extra resources to supplement your learning. Our Extra PDF Notes contain supplementary reading on literary terms, literary criticism, and the history of English literature – all of which are important for the UGC NET English Literature exam.

We understand that studying can be challenging, which is why we offer online support for our students. You can ask any questions you have about the course to our teacher, Sonam Dahiya, through WhatsApp or Email from our online learning platform.

Furthermore, our course includes study materials (hard copy) that are created by our co-founder Sonam Dahiya, who is an expert in the field of English literature. The study materials consist of 2 booklets that cover the complete syllabus of UGC NET English Literature Paper 2. Unlike other institutes, all the content in our study materials, videos and test series is copyrighted, meaning that you can be sure that you are receiving original and high-quality material.

Our complete course is conducted on our online learning platform –, where you can access all the resources and support you need, whenever you need it. With our comprehensive and highly structured course, you can be confident that you have everything you need to succeed in the UGC NET English Literature Exam.

Sign up now and take the first step towards achieving your goals!

NTA UGC NET English Exam Preparation Course is conducted on our dedicated online learning platform You check out our course page here: View Course  

Sonam Dahiya - Learning Skills Co-Founder

Sonam Dahiya

Sonam Dahiya is the co-founder of Learning Skills. She has created this UGC NET English Online Course particularly English Literature paper 2 online course. She used to be an assistant professor in Delhi University. Now, 13 of her students are full time assistant professors in Delhi University and many others are working as full time teachers, guest faculties or PhD scholars in India’s top ranking universities such as JNU, UoH, EFLU, BHU, KUK, AUD etc.

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Kanishk Matta

Kanishk Matta

Kanishk Matta has extensively contributed to the development of NET General Paper 01 online preparation course which is also part of this UGC NET English course package. Kanishk is also the co-founder of Learning Skills, and used to be visiting faculty in NIESBUD (National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development), and QCI (Quality Council of India. Many of his students are working in top institutes such as Delhi University, NIESBUD etc. and top organizations such as Google, Amazon, Facebook etc.

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