Advanced Excel Course

Advance Excel Online Course

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April 1, 2023
Batch Advance Excel Online Course
Duration Video Recorded Sessions With Subtitles
Start Date Re-launching in April 2023
Registration Starts March Month 2023 Onward
Fee Rs. 3***/-* (all inclusive)
 What’s more?
  • Recorded Slide Based Videos with Subtitles
  • Extra handouts in PDF format
  • Email, SMS, Call, WhatsApp and Comment Box – Online Support
  • Online Quizzes and Practicals

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  • Batch size only up to 15 participants
  • Online quizzes and Practicals
  • Expert and experienced trainers
  • Tutorials, Tips and Tricks
  • Online Support through – SMS, WhatsApp, Email and Comment box

Excel software app is the most commonly used tool for database management. It is used not only in small sized companies but upto large sized multi nationals.

Learning Excel or taking up an Excel online course can help you boost your career prospects. Or increase your chances of promotion in your job.

Moreover, it can help you in your businesses. Or planning your personal financials.

Therefore, Excel software app knowledge and skills substantially adds value to your resume.

Learning Skills has introduced advance Excel online course in India. That enables you to learn all important Excel tools, techniques, functions, and operations.

Keeping in mind today’s needs and requirements for personal, professional and business. We have developed this Excel training course.

Anyone can join this course. Provided person joining the Excel training course have basic computer knowledge.

As practical training and experiential learning is the core of the course. Therefore, without much theory anyone can easily completely learn the Excel. And develop skills and expertise in it.


  1. Getting Started with Excel
  2. MS Excel, Google Sheet and Open Office Spreadsheet
  3. Creating Spreadsheets
  4. Common Functions and Features
  5. Data Entry and Handling
  6. Data Analysis
  7. Charts and Bars
  8. Filtering and Sorting
  9. Conditional Formatting and Data Validation
  10. Financial Accounting
  11. Live Project and Case Studies

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