How to prepare for JNU MA Political Science Entrance and MA International Relations Entrance exams?

How to prepare for JNU MA Political Science Entrance and MA International Relations Entrance exams?

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Jawaharlal Nehru University is going to conduct MA Political Science Entrance and MA international Relations Entrance exams around 27-30th December 2017.

Already, the registrations are closed for the JNU admissions 2018 for all PG and MA courses.

Both the MA Political Science and MA International Relations can easily be said to be the most popular courses in JNU. Therefore, it is the most challenging to secure a seat in these courses as you get admission through entrance only.

That too, the entrance exams are subjective, which again increases the difficulty level of the exam.

Because you not only need critical thinking but also excellent writing skills in order to ace the exams.

Hence, to help students, we have come up with top 6 tips to effectively prepare for JNU MA International Relations and MA Political Science Entrance exams. The entrance syllabuses for both the courses are almost same.

That’s why we have combined the tips for the both these courses.


1. Understanding the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

MA Political Science Entrance and MA International Relations Entrance syllabuses are almost same with the minor distinction.

Following are the major topics, you will need to cover to effectively prepare:

  1. Political Theory and Thought
  2. Comparative Politics and Political Analysis
  3. Indian Government and Politics
  4. Bureaucracy and Public Administration
  5. International Relations

The exam pattern for both the exams are bit different:

MA Political Science Entrance exam pattern:

Questions: 7 (only 3 to attempt)

Time: 3 hours

Marks: 100

Pattern: long-type subjective answers

MA International Relations:

Questions: 20 (only 5 to attempt)

Time: 3 hours

Marks: 100

Pattern: long-type subjective answers

In MA Political Science Entrance of JNU, you will get more theory-based questions. Where you will need in-depth knowledge of popular theories and thoughts.

Meanwhile, in MA International Relations Entrance of JNU, you will get more current events and affairs questions. In which you will not only require a decent knowledge of theories but also in-depth knowledge of current events and affairs.


2. Update Your General Knowledge and Current Affairs

It is highly important from the standpoint of preparations that you’re updated with the latest General Knowledge and Current Affairs.

Because you may have to answer questions such as these:

MA Political Science Entrance sample questions:

– Do you think that a reorganization of the Security Council has to take place in order to make the United Nations more relevant? Argue your case.

– Democracy is globally the most widely accepted political system. What do you think are the recent challenges to democracy? Give examples from across the world.

MA International Relations Entrance samples questions:

– Discuss the causes for Arab Spring.

– Write an essay on BRICS and its importance in contemporary international politics.

In order to answer these questions, you not only need a good understanding of popular theories but also a good understanding of current complex national and international issues.

Now, to prepare for General Knowledge and Current Affairs, we recommend you to read:

  1. Newspapers such as The Hindu, Indian Express etc.
  2. Magazines such as Frontline, Competition Success Review etc.
  3. Online News Portals such as The Wire, Kafila, Caravan etc.
  4. Journals – Economic and Political Weekly
  5. Books and variety of content in context of Politics and International Relations only

You will need to make it a habit to read extensively and thoroughly.


3. Study Post-Colonial and Contemporary Political and International Affairs in-Depth

Often, aspirants preparing for both these entrance exams fail to dig deeper in Post-Colonial and Contemporary Politics, moreover, current International affairs.

It is recommended to do detailed contextual readings in post-colonial and contemporary politics, and international affairs. As it will give you clear hindsight of the current events and issues of national and international politics.

Reading popular political philosophers of post-colonial and contemporary history and politics will help you a lot.

However, we recommend you to also watch political documentaries, important speeches, UN proceedings etc. that help you a lot in gaining better knowledge.


4. Stay India Focused

Your contextual readings and preparations need to confine within India’s perspective. Otherwise, you will read anything that comes to you will not be able to prepare effectively also will lose focus.

Moreover, if you analyze MA Political Science and MA International Relations entrance exams previous year JNU question papers, you will notice almost all questions are in India’s context.

Therefore, make sure that your study material whether it is International Relations or Contemporary Politics, it has to be in India’s context.


5. Work on your writing skills

Your writing skills are highly crucial for your success in JNU entrance exams. Without it you will stand no chance in cracking the entrance exams.

Therefore, you will need to improve your writing skills.

How can you improve?

We have following writing skills development tips for you:

  1. Work on your grammar, punctuation and sentence formation
  2. Make your writing more engaging using examples, subtitles, bullet points, shorter sentences, and paras etc.
  3. Strictly follow KISS policy – Keep it simple silly
  4. Use references and citations, while mentioning some work, author or quote
  5. There are variety of essay and answer writing formats – learn them
  6. Improve your handwriting – just write clean and simple – avoid cursive writing

Lastly, extensive reading and regularly practicing answer writing will help you hone your writing skills.


6. Practice Previous Year Question Papers

Practicing previous year question papers is often recommended for entrance exam preparations. Because with this you not only get ideas to crack exam but also gain essential confidence.

As you practice, try getting it checked from your seniors or college professors. Because then you will get a much better review and tips to improve your writing.

Download PDF JNU MA Political Science Previous Year Question Papers: 

2017 MA Political Science Entrance Exam Download PDF

2016 MA Political Science Entrance Exam Download PDF

2015 MA Political Science Entrance Exam Download PDF

Download PDF JNU MA International Relations Previous Year Question Papers: 

2017 MA International Relations Entrance Exam Download PDF

2016 MA International Relations Entrance Exam Download PDF

2015 MA International Relations Entrance Exam Download PDF


7. Research Extensively

Researching is a key to better learning, therefore, make sure you research online. Also, you could use your college library or public libraries for this purpose.

Do not limit yourself to guides and set standard books. Instead, go and explore but make sure you stay within your focus. Also, try reading only within your field of study or only to enhance your knowledge about a particular subject.

Avoid goalless reading, and browsing through the variety of books on various topics and subjects. Because it will easily divert you and lead you to nowhere.

JNU 2017 December Entrance Exams for MA Political Science and MA International Relations are just hardly a few weeks away. Therefore, you may not be able to cover all tips.

Nevertheless, you still have time to effectively prepare. Ideally, you should start preparing for these entrance exams 6-7 months early.

For any queries, please feel free to use the comment box below. I would love to help all the aspirants.

Best of luck for your exams!

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Books Recommended for MA Political Science Entrance & MA International Relations

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The Oxford Companion to Politics in India

International Relations

MCQs Political Science

Indian Constitution And Indian Polity

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    • We will try our best!

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    Monu vishwas Reply
    • JNU says “Unless otherwise specified in the question paper, the JNU programmes of study (barring Languages) is English; and the candidates are advised to write their answers, as far as possible, in English.” See it here:

      For Political Science it is English only as questions are in English. Nevertheless, you may confirm from JNU if you can write your MA Political Science Entrance exam in Hindi.

      Learning Skills Reply
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    Tamanna Reply
    • In terms of presentation, make sure your handwriting is legible and clear, and your write-up should have- short paras, avoid long paras, bullet points, subheadings, and above all it should have grammatically correct sentences. There’s no set minimum or maximum limit to the word limit. If you can critically write effectively and convincing in just 300 or 500 words then that’s more than enough.

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    • The JNU MA Political Science Entrance and UPSC Mains Political Science exam pattern are different from each other. Therefore, the strategy has to be different accordingly.

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    • The MA Political Science Entrance syllabus primarily consist of BA Political Honors Syllabus of DU, and Current Affairs, and International Affairs.

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    • As far as I can say SOL books will be good, but there are more subjects covered in regular books, then do refer to those as well.

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  • i’m confuse with the pattern of the examination here in this website the mode of giving the exam is long term subjective but the other the university website it says MCQ

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    • Yes, you are right, the exam pattern is now objective (multiple type questions). This is an old article, we will soon update it as per the latest changes.

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    • Read BA Political Science Honors books and yes you can give answer in Hindi language.

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    • I don’t think so, you can either answer in English or Hindi. Nevertheless, you may contact JNU for final confirmation.

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    • You may start your preparation in the second year of your course.

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