How to Prepare for DU LLB Entrance Exam?

How to Prepare for DU LLB Entrance Exam?

Each year, DU Law Faculty conducts DU LLB Entrance exam for its 3-year Law course. Though there are more than 2000 seats available. But thousands apply for seats making it highly competitive.

So, how do you get ahead, ace the DU LLB entrance exam and secure a seat?

We have the answer right here for you.

DU LLB entrance exam isn’t tough to crack but all you need is:

  • preparation plan
  • strategy to crack
  • lot of smart work
  • and proper guidance

Before, we talk about above, let us get deep inside the DU LLB entrance exam syllabus below.

DU LLB Entrance Syllabus

As per the last year 2016 DU LLB entrance exam, the following syllabus was used:

  1. English Language and Comprehension
  2. General Knowledge and Current Affairs
  3. Reasoning and Analytical Abilities
  4. Legal Awareness and Aptitude

DU LLB Entrance Exam Pattern

The English Language and Comprehension contained following the pattern of questions:

  • English Comprehension – 9 Questions
  • Choosing Appropriate Word/Word Meaning – 15 Questions
  • Idioms/Phrases – 5 Questions
  • Opposite Words/Antonyms – 7 Questions
  • Relational Words – 6 Questions

Thereafter, General Knowledge and Current Affairs contained following the pattern of questions:

  • General Knowledge and General Awareness – 34 Questions
  • Major topics: UN, International and National news and trends, Govt. of India, Public Administration, History, Geography, English Literature, Sports etc.

From Legal Awareness and Legal Aptitude syllabus total of 71 questions were asked.

  • Major Topics: Indian Constitution, IPR, Popular Legal Disputes and Cases, International Laws, Civil and Criminal Laws, Business Laws etc.

Lastly, from Logical Reasoning and Analytical Abilities, there was the total of 35 questions ranging from:

  • Arithmetic, Logical Reasoning, Algebra, Calculus etc.

As you can see, the largest part of questions come from Legal Awareness and Legal Aptitude. Nevertheless, you will still need to ace other sections to secure a decent rank.

I hope you already have enough idea on how to prepare for the above-mentioned syllabus.

Now, let me give you a basic structure to start with.

  1. Preparation Plan

You have the DU LLB syllabus. Now, the most important part is to prepare a preparation plan. That will cover:

  • How will you prepare for the limited time frame?
  • Which books, notes and study materials you will use?
  • How will you work on your weak points?

You need answers to these questions, and automatically you will have the preparation plan in your hand.

  1. Strategy to Crack DU LLB Entrance Exam

The strategy to crack will help you to be confident in securing the rank. If you aren’t confident while sitting for the exam, then probably you are not sure if you will crack it or not.

So, how to be confident that you will crack? There are three things:

  1. Practice Mock Tests: regularly sitting for the mock test will boost your confidence. And you will be able to find out the target areas you may need to work on to be 100 percent sure.
  2. Analyze Previous Year Question Papers: go through DU LLB entrance exam previous year question papers thoroughly. Make sure that you’re not missing anything while preparing.
  3. Tips and Tricks: there are tips and tricks to answer MCQs. You could create your own while preparing or you could consult somebody who had cracked DU LLB entrance exam.

These three tips will help you make a strategy to crack the DU LLB entrance exam.

  1. Smart Work

Are you starting for preparations late? Are you a backbencher who’s low on confidence to crack the DU LLB entrance exam? Apart from these, do you have other innumerable reasons that you may not crack the exam?

Well in any case, you will need smart work. Start your preparation in a smart way, work around your weak points first. And never neglect your strong points as well.

Talk to somebody who have cracked the DU LLB entrance exam and studying in DU Law Faculty. Search for the short cuts to crack MCQ questions.

Make your own system of learning and preparation. Follow it religiously.

Keep everything tied up in a plan. (you could use mind mapping to create your work around plan)


  1. Proper Guidance – DU LLB Entrance Coaching

You need mentoring, coaching, guidance and help. I can tell you that.

But you have to decide in what kind:

  • Getting a help and guidance from a senior or college professor
  • Rely on online resources and self-study for preparation
  • Or opt for a coaching institute

In any case, coaching institute would be the best option. Why? Because, the coaching institute for DU LLB entrance preparation will get you all the help in targeted manner. Moreover, you won’t have to waste your time in organizing and compiling everything.

Furthermore, you will get the maximum access to the best guidance and expert available.


That’s it. If you’ve any questions, feel free to ask. We would love to answer it.

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