MA Political Science Course – Eligibility, Top Colleges, Entrance and More

MA Political Science Course – Eligibility, Top Colleges, Entrance and More

MA Political Science Course is one of the top humanities courses in India.

Often students interested in politics, political theories, public administration, international affairs and related fields opt for this course. 

In addition, right after the course there are exciting career opportunities available in politics, teaching, media, writing, public administration and bureaucracy. 

Though, Masters in Political Science is very theoretical. Nevertheless, the course covers a wide variety of topics and theories that directly affects common life and current affairs. 

In this post, we will uncover all important information in and around the MA Political Science course. 

The information will be very crucial for your future and your decision to pursue the course. 

At any point, you feel like asking a question, then please use the comment box. Our teachers and counselors would love to answer your queries in detail. 

Let’s begin. 


MA Political Science Course Introduction

Almost all top central universities in India such as DU, JNU, HCU etc. offer the MA Political Science course. 

Almost all universities allow admission in MA Political Science through entrance exam mode. 

Though often seats are few and applicants are in thousands that indicates the popularity of course in India. 

Many times students planning to pursue Civil Services exam (UPSC CSE) often pursue MA Political Science course. 

That’s due to the fact that a large portion of the syllabus comes from the course syllabus. Moreover, often candidates opt for Political Science in UPSC mains exams. 


MA Political Science Syllabus

Most universities’ MA Political Science course syllabus covers: 

  • Political Theories
  • Philosophies and Ideologies 
  • Political Philosophers and Thoughts
  • Comparative Political Analysis
  • International Relations
  • Indian Political Thought
  • India’s Foreign Policy
  • Political Institutions
  • Political Processes
  • Public Administration
  • Governance and Public Policy 

These are the major subjects that often are part of the MA Political Science course.

Apart from these, there can be more topics in International Relations, Public Administration, Bureaucracy etc. 

Download PDF of Delhi University MA Political Science Course Syllabus


Admission Schedule & Important Dates

Each year universities open admissions to their MA Political Science course usually between March to July. 

The admission cycle can vary depending upon the university in question. 

There are instances of universities extending the registrations up to August month. 

For example, the 2020 Covid19 global scare led to extended lockdown in India starting from March month. 

That forced many universities to either postpone or delay the admission process altogether. 

Nevertheless, the registration open dates usually are declared in the month of February and March. 

Therefore, it is recommended to all students to check the official websites of universities in these months. 


Eligibility Criteria

The most common eligibility criteria for the MA Political Science course in most universities is: 

  • Graduate degree from a UGC recognized university in India 

However, some universities may have minimum percentage criteria as well that can range between 45 percent to upto 55 percent. 

There can be criteria that graduate in BA Political Science Honors or students with political science as subjects may apply. 

Moreover, most universities allow admission through entrance mode only. Therefore, often eligibility criteria is easier to meet for that. 

For direct admission mode, the eligibility criteria for minimum percentage could be higher and reserved for the university students only. 

For detailed information on the eligibility criteria, we recommend you to check out the prospectus of each university. 

Visit the link for Delhi University MA Political Science eligibility criteria


Top MA Political Science Universities in India

Following is the list of India’s top universities offering MA Political Science course:

1. Delhi University (DU)

2. Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)

3. South Asian University (SAU)

4. University of Hyderabad (UoH)

5. Banaras Hindu University (BHU)


MA Political Science Entrance 

India’s top universities offering MA Political Science allow admission through entrance mode. 

There are few for example Delhi University that offer admission both through direct and entrance mode only. 

Each year thousands of students apply to the MA Political Science entrance exams of top universities. 

As seats are few, therefore the competition level is very high. 

The entrance exam requires you to prepare in a structured manner with targeted syllabus coverage. 

We at Learning Skills Institute offer the MA Political Science Entrance online preparation course

Our course is designed to help you crack the entrance exam and help you secure the seat in India’s top universities. 


Previous Year Question Papers of MA Political Science Entrance

Delhi University: 

2020 Delhi University MA Political Science Entrance Question Paper (Coming Soon)

2019 Delhi University MA Political Science Entrance Question Paper

2018 Delhi University MA Political Science Entrance Question Paper

Jawaharlal Nehru University: 

2020 JNU MA Political Science Entrance Question Paper (Coming Soon)

2019 JNU MA Political Science Entrance Question Paper

2018 JNU MA Political Science Entrance Question Paper


Career Opportunities after MA Political Science Course

There are wide variety of career opportunities available after the MA Political Science programme: 

  • Career in Politics

  • Political Analysts

  • Political Writer

  • Teaching

  • Research

  • Public Administration and Bureaucracy

  • Political Liaisoning

  • Media and Journalism

There are many more different avenues that a graduate in MA Political Science course can pursue. Moreover, these avenues are uncommon and exciting. 

Do you have questions? Do you want to add more to this post? Feel free to comment below.

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