How to Prepare for MA Political Science Entrance exam?

How to Prepare for MA Political Science Entrance exam?

We have listed step by step instructions to prepare for MA Political Science entrance exams for various universities in India.

MA Political Science course is one of the top most popular courses in India.

Almost all top universities in India have this course on offer.

Thousands of students aspiring to pursue the course apply for these universities.

For example, JNU’s MA Political Science course has only around 90 seats, but thousands of students across India apply for the course.

However, due to few seats available, the competition to crack entrance and secure a seat is extremely high.

Nevertheless, with the right state of mind, preparation strategy, and hardwork you will be better placed to ace the MA Political Science entrance exam.

In this post, I will show you the way on how to prepare for the MA Political Science entrance exam in a structured manner.

Let me show you in a step by step manner.


Step 1: List out the universities

Almost all central universities offer the MA Political Science course in India. Therefore, before you set to take this course, you must first list out the universities in which you seek admission.

India’s top MA Political Science Universities are:

1. Jawaharlal Nehru University
2. Delhi University
3. South Asian University
4. Hyderabad University
5. Jamia Millia Islamia University
6. Banaras Hindu University
7. Aligarh Muslim University
8. Pondicherry University
9. Ambedkar University 
10. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

You should compile the list based upon your requirement such as distance, faculty, eligibility, fee etc.


Step 2: Analyze MA Political Science entrance syllabuses

Now, is the time to visit each university’s website from the compiled list in step 1 to check out all important details about the MA Political Science course.

Most importantly, admission process and MA Political Science entrance exam syllabus and pattern of respective universities.

Most of the MA Political Science entrance exams are MCQs (multiple-choice questions) notably DU and JNU.

But there are entrance exams for universities, which have subjective components as well.

That means, if the subjective portion is there or the complete entrance exam of MA Political Science is subjective, then in that case you will have to work on your writing skills.

However, MA Political Science entrance syllabus of most universities include:

1. Political Theories and Philosophies
2. Political Thinkers, Theorists, Philosophers and Scientists
3. Indian Political History 
4. India’s Foreign Policy 
5. International Relations Concepts and Theories 
6. Public Administration
7. Comparative Politics

Nevertheless, apart from these topics, there could be questions from – reasoning, logic, current affairs, general awareness etc.

Therefore, it is ideal to thoroughly analyze the syllabus for the target university.

Delhi University’s MA Political Science entrance syllabus includes all papers of DU’s B.A. Political Science course. 

Download Delhi University BA Programme Political Science Syllabus PDF


Step 3: Analyze MA Political Science entrance previous year question papers 

After analyzing the entrance exam syllabus, now is the time to analyze in detail the previous year question papers of MA Political Science.

You will find that there are topics in the syllabus but rarely questions are asked from those topics in exams.

Therefore, analysis of previous year question papers will give you a wholesome idea about which topic to focus on.

For example, in Delhi University MA Political Science entrance more questions are asked from Public Administration, International Relations, Comparative Politics than other topics.

Moreover, by analyzing MA Political Science entrance previous year question papers you also learn the pattern, length, difficulty and much more about the entrance exam.

2019 Delhi University MA Political Science Entrance Question Paper Download PDF

2018 Delhi University MA Political Science Entrance Question Paper Download PDF

2019 JNU MA Political Science Entrance Question Paper Download PDF

2018 JNU MA Political Science Entrance Question Paper Download PDF


Step 4: Talk to current students if possible

This can be very difficult for everyone, but if you are lucky to get in contact with current students then you could get all your doubts cleared.

You could search for students on Facebook or search for a dedicated group of the MA Political Science students of the university.

Somehow, if you get in touch with anyone, then the next thing you should do is ask the right answers.

Start from learning about the course, and then learn about their experience of admission process, and entrance exams.

Make sure you focus more on the MA Political Science entrance exam.

You could also ask them about the books to read for MA Political Science entrance preparation.

Yes, I know it can be tough to convince somebody to guide you and answer your queries. But you should give it a try.

Or instead you could join an online preparation course for MA Political Science entrance exam.

Learning Skills institute offers you targeted guidance that will help you crack the entrance exams of India’s top universities.


Step 5: Buy the MA Political Science entrance preparation books

At this step, you would have a complete idea about the syllabus and topics to prepare for MA Political Science entrance exam.

In addition, in the last step you would have got the suggestions for books to read.

Now, the next logical step is to buy preparation books for MA Political Science entrance.

But before you do that, I would suggest you do online research for preparation books yourself.

My personal favorite platform to buy books is Amazon as you get a lot of variety there.

Therefore, I recommend you to search on Amazon. Search for guide books and previous year question papers guidebooks of your target university.

For example, following are the best books on Amazon for Delhi University and JNU MA Political Science entrance preparation:


Apart from these books, you could search topic wise as well.

For example, there are entrance exams in which questions on public administration, Political Science dictionary and terms, and Indian constitution are asked.


Therefore you could search for books on these topics.

Moreover, in future while pursuing MA Political Science course, these books will come in handy as well.


Step 6: Research on Internet and compile the content  

I am sure, you will be confused on this step, when you’ve bought preparation books, then why I need to research and compile more content.

Let me give you advice here, never rely on a single source, while preparing for competitive exams.

In addition, always search online on topics of your syllabus.

Researching and reading online will give you a complete idea about the topic and make you aware about the latest happenings, updates and news around it.

Moreover, you will notice many topics are not covered in the guidebooks you purchased.

For example, you won’t find a single and comprehensive book on public administration.

Therefore, it is ideal you search online for the relevant topics in public administration from syllabus and previous year question papers.

Apart from this, also research extensively about the current affairs in Indian and International Politics, and International Relations.


Step 7: Seek help – Senior, Mentor or Online Course

This is very important, because despite your efforts, you may often lose your focus or digress from your preparation.

Therefore, by seeking help, you may find someone, who will keep you on your toes always.

You could be looking for your Senior, who successfully cracked MA Political Science entrance exam.

Or you may approach your teacher to guide you as a mentor on your journey to crack the entrance exam.

Apart from these, the most effective is the online MA Political Science entrance preparation course.

Learning Skills offer a targeted online MA Political Science entrance prep course that is designed to help you prepare for India’s top universities such as DU and JNU.

The online videos in the course will help you complete all your syllabus in time.

Moreover, additional reading material will help you stay focused and mug relevant information easily.

Lastly, online mock test series designed on the lines of JNUEE and DUET CBT (Computer Based Testing) MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), will give you the experience you need to ace the exam on the D-day.


Step 8: Attend the MA Political Science Entrance mock tests 

Mock tests is very crucial for your overall preparation.

Because the results of your mock tests will show you where you stand in your preparation.

Moreover, attending mock tests that are almost similar to actual tests will enable experiential learning.

That is again strategic to your preparation, because you will train your brain to answer effectively in a time bound manner.

For example, the JNUEE MA Political Science entrance exam is CBT (computer based test).

The aspirants, who couldn’t attend mock tests will find themselves confused or unprepared on the day of the exam to attend entrance.

Moreover, such aspirants may waste their crucial time in learning the rules of the exam or inefficiently managing their exam.

However, if you have joined our MA Political Science entrance exam preparation course then you don’t need to worry as mock tests are part of your package.

But, if you have not joined our course, then you can separately attend the MA Political Science entrance mock test series on our LMS (learning management system).


Step 9: Highlight the weaker areas and work on them

Mock tests will show you the gap in your preparation unveiling the weaker areas on which you should immediately start working.

When you know the problem, only then you can look for the solutions and work on it.

For example, if you are poor at mugging up dates and years then workout a strategy that helps you easily remember it.

However, Learning Skills institute’s online MA Political Science entrance preparation course will enable you to remember everything easily with its targeted and structured videos.

Moreover, you will cover all your syllabus in a structured manner, ensuring that you are all prepared for the exams.

Most importantly, without overburdening or confusion, you will be better placed to ace the exams.

Nevertheless, it is very important that you put your efforts into self-learning and complete all the videos and content in a timely manner.


Step 10: Revise and prepare quick notes

Every other teacher will advise you to prepare your quick notes and revise using them.

There are different methods to prepare your study notes. You could learn about them on Google.

Otherwise, you could prepare your own model to follow, which way better from learning a new method.

Lastly, use your notes to revise everything, especially those areas in which you are weak and scored less in mock tests.

Learning Skills’ online MA Political Science entrance exam course is conducted through videos, which are very easy to revise.

You could complete all your syllabus in just 10 days using the videos.

Now, you have an idea about the steps to take, it is time you should immediately work on it.

The duration of your preparation could be 1 year long to 4-5 months depending upon your pace.

But if you think you could prepare in a very short time, say like 1-2 months, then it will only lead to chaos and confusion.

Give yourself time, and it is not embarrassing to take a gap year for preparation.

I hope this post will be helpful to you. Don’t’ forget to share the post with your friends, it could be life-changing for them.

Also, please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp with your friends, because that encourages us to write more helpful posts for you people.

Use the comment box to ask questions, I would love to answer in detail.

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