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English for Career Videos April 1, 2023
English for Competitive Exams Online April 1, 2023
English Spoken Course 3 Months December 30, 2019

English Language Courses Online

English Language is one of the widely used languages in the world.

There are 375 million native speakers of English language. And 220 million speak it as a second language making it universal across countries.

On other hand, English ipso facto lingua franca of the business world. English is there throughout all businesses around the world.

In India, English is one of the most popular language, which is used across all states. Furthermore, government of India also uses English language as a official language.

So, if you are planning to make career in private or public sector you will need English. You will always need communication skills to get a private sector job or government job. 

Actually, English increases your employability manifold helping you to excel in your professional career.

From personal perspective, English also enhances your

  • employability
  • network
  • confidence
  • and personality

So, if you have any plans to progress in your career and lifestyle, you may start with learning English.

We have listed out few activities that can help you out to learn English better.

1. Start with speaking

We all have learned grammar and read English throughout our schooling. That’s why, we have basic knowledge of English, which is enough to help you to start speaking English.

Yes, the first point of learning English and improving your fluency is start speaking it now.

Don’t worry, you might make mistakes, and often people will correct. But, this will help you to build confidence and also learn from others.

 2. Read extensively

Reading is another important component in learning English. The best reading material easily available is Newspapers and Magazines.

There are national dailies that have lucid and simple English language such as:

  • Newspapers: Times of India, Indian Express, Hindustan Times etc.
  • Magazines: CSR, Pratiyogita Darpan etc.

that can help a lot to beginners.

Also, when reading if you come across any difficult word then try to understand its meaning in the context of the sentence instead of jumping to Dictionary. This will help you memorize and understand words better.

3. Build a peer group or join one

You will need a peer group or you can create one of like-minded people, who can help each other to learn English.

You can do ‘impromptu’, ‘skit’ or ‘role-playing’ together or you can have a debate on popular or current topics.

These activities will go a long way in

  • building your confidence
  • improving your fluency and pronunciation,
  • and removing any kind of hesitation.  

4. Listen to radio and News channels

Now comes, listening part. If you re-read title, we used ‘listen’ instead of ‘watching’ news channels.

Yes, you will need to listen carefully to News Anchors to understand comprehensively. What they are saying and keep up with their speed.

Apart from News channels, you can also listen to radio to improve your English.

Listening is important activity that needs care and attention.

 5. Now, start writing

Lastly, writing will help you improve exponentially, and express your deeper thoughts.

As said, writing is the most refined communication tool. As you need to think, structure and then write.

You can do an activity here:

Every night just write a short note on anything you want or you can write about the day you spent.

English Language is fun to learn, and quite easier. All it requires is lot of patience, preparation and practice. As they say, – ‘practice makes the man perfect’ – so do all these activities religiously, and make a habit to practice it every single day.

If you require any help, you can always join our English language courses at Learning Skills. 


We have three types of English Language courses. Each cater to your unique set of requirements. Details are given below: 

English Spoken Course

This course helps anyone to develop communication skills and spoken ability in English language. We have designed it from basic to intermediate level. Wherein any student with basic or no knowledge in English can join it. 

English for Competitive Exams

This course is designed for students who are preparing for competitive exams in India. Such as UPSC, SSC, Banking PO, Police etc. The major focus in this course is to help students acquire writing skills. 

English for Career

This course offers 360 degree knowledge in English. That covers not only communication skills development but also writing skills. For students, who want to make career out of English then this course is the best option available. It is designed from intermediate to advance level. You could become BPO executive, content writer, marketer, salesman etc. after successfully completing this course. If you’re at managerial level or if you’re experienced then it can help you grow in your career and job. 

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