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English Spoken Course in Delhi

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December 30, 2019
3 Months


Course , English Language
Batch Regular Classroom English Spoken Course
Duration 3 Months – 3 Days a Week – 1 Hour Each Day (Evening Batch)
Batch Start Date  2nd Week of February 2020
Registration Last Date  10th February 2020
Fee Rs. 7,500/-* (all inclusive)

Pay Fee Online:   Pay Fee Online  

 What’s more?
  • Projector-Based Classes
  • Study Notes and In-class Handouts
  • Activity Sessions
  • Personality Development
  • Mock Interviews and Group Discussions
  • Class Debates, and Skits
  • Public Speaking
  • English Grammar
  • Business Communications
Batch ONLINE English Spoken Course
Duration +40 Recorded Video Sessions with Subtitles
Batch Start Date 2nd Week of February 2020
Registration Last Date 10th February 2020
Fee Rs. 5,500/-* (all inclusive)

Pay Fee Online:   Pay Fee Online  

 What’s more?
  • Slide-Based Recorded Videos with Subtitles
  • Online Support Available Through SMS, Call, Email, WhatsApp and Comment Box
  • Study Notes and Class Handouts
  • Online Activity Sessions
  • Personality Development
  • Mock Interviews and Group Discussions
  • Class Debates, and Skits
  • Public Speaking
  • English Grammar
  • Business Communications

Mod 1: Basics of English & Communication

  1. Parts of Speech
  2. Practical usage of Tenses
  3. Verbs and Adjectives
  4. Direct and In-direct speech
  5. Antonyms and Synonyms
  6. Vocabulary and Pronunciation
  7. Sentence formation and phrasal verbs
  8. Idioms and Proverbs

Mod 2: Sound and Structures

  1. Phonemes: Consonants, Vowels and Diphthongs
  2. Phonetic and Syllables
  3. Rule of word accents
  4. Accent pattern and Intonation
  5. Vocabulary and Pronunciation II

Mod 3: Advance Communication

  1. Thinking and Critical Thinking
  2. Reading Skills and Critical Reading
  3. Listening Skills and Critical Listening
  4. Speaking and Critical speaking
  5. Verbal Communication
  6. Conversation in English (patterns)
  7. Conversation in English (real life situations)

Mod 4: Personality Development

  1. Motivation and boosting confidence
  2. Gesture control and body language
  3. Non-verbal communication
  4. Removing fear and hesitation
  5. Grooming and Personality Development

Mod 5: Advance Communication II

  1. Group Discussions
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Extempore
  4. Skit and Role Playing
  5. Business Communication
  6. Presentation and Selling
  7. Final: Presentation Project for Students on Favorite Topic

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  • Fun and engaging classroom learning experience
  • Special sessions on confidence boosting and hesitation removal
  • Group discussions, mock interviews and public speaking
  • Case studies and teamwork
  • Audio-visual and slide presentation supports 
  • Special learning activities: skits, role playing, and others
  • Study material and personalized approach to teaching
  • Student counselling and special support to weaker students
  • Maximum 15 students per batch

Do you want to learn English? Also, develop fluency in it? 

Then you are at the right place. 

Learning Skills’ English Spoken course helps students develop not just English communication skills. But also, develop presentation skills and fluency, and boost confidence. 

The focus of the English Spoken course at Learning Skills is to work on students’

  • speaking
  • presentation
  • gesture control
  • confidence and fluency.

Learning Skills believe English is quite easier to learn. Nevertheless, it requires dedication from students, and effective guidance from the trainer for students.

Learning to speak English fluently opens the doors to variety of career avenues in life.

It also benefits your personal life:

  • You gain more confidence
  • You are able to express yourself better
  • You become more extrovert
  • You are able to converse with people from different countries and cultural background

It is widely known, English is a lingua franca in business world. At any stage and level you require knowledge of English to effectively communicate.

Therefore, keeping in mind today’s challenges and opportunities, and varied requirements of learners. Learning Skills have designed English Spoken online and offline course in such a way that can help anyone.

If you are a: 

  • college goer
  • homemaker
  • government employee
  • entrepreneur
  • businessperson 
  • or college professor/lecturer

our English Spoken course will help you learn to speak English within 3 months. 

The ‘Fun’ and ‘Engagement’ are the intrinsic part of English Spoken course. That allows teacher to create vibrant and engaging environment within the classroom thereby leading to better learning experience.

Furthermore, faculties employ audio-visual and slide presentation support to make learning interactive for students.

You can experience the difference by registering for the trial class at Learning Skills. For further assistance, you can contact our counselors on given phone numbers or email address.

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I am a mass communication student in Delhi University. My poor communication skills were the only obstacle. Therefore, I joined Learning Skills. People and faculty at Learning Skills are supportive. Moreover the education is thorough that helped me improve fourfold.


Communication skills in English are important for getting a decent job in Delhi. That’s why to improve my English, I contacted Learning Skills. They offer great learning experience. And teachers are friendly and efficient. Thank You.


As a law student, I always wanted to improve my communication and speaking skills. The faculty at Learning Skills, helped me not only improve it, but also helped me build confidence. I must say, learning environment is friendly and fun.


I did my BSc from DU. Speaking and writing in English has always unnerving experience for me. But after attending English classes at Learning Skills, I improved a lot. Now, I can comfortably and confident speak and write in English.


I am a BA Hindi (H) student in DU, and also preparing for SSC CGL. I joined Learning Skills’ English for Competitive exams course that helped me improve my writing skills. I going to appear for SSC exam this year, and I am confident I will crack it.


I wanted to improve my spoken English, and that’s why I joined Learning Skills. The faculty works with you to help you learn and gain confidence. I can now confidently speak in English. Thank you.


I was working as an executive in my call center company. But my poor skills in English was a major obstacle in my growth. I joined Learning Skills that helped me improve and become a team leader in my company.


I am pursuing B.com (h) from DU. And I know in today’s market, you need good English speaking and writing skills. That’s why I went to Learning Skills. Our faculty individually helped us improve on our weak points. I can now speak and write in English without making silly mistakes. Thank you.

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