The Ultimate UGC NET Commerce Book List for Preparations

The Ultimate UGC NET Commerce Book List for Preparations

On popular demand, we bring you complete book list for UGC NET Commerce preparation.

Many of our followers had been demanding for the final UGC NET Commerce book list. Therefore, we taken out much effort to compile the book list in consultation with our expert teachers and assistant professors from DU.

As you already know, UGC NET Commerce Syllabus is quite vast, hence, the book list covers almost all topics. Moreover, while making this book list, we recommend top books for each topic. That’s why, books are given topic wise.

Nevertheless, we recommend that this book list should be used only as a reference list. It may not be possible for many to read all the books.

However, it highly recommended to read each book. So you’re better prepared to handle any question in UGC NET exam.

It is crucial that you score high marks in UGC NET Paper 1 than ever before to qualify for NET and JRF. Our UGC NET General Paper 1 notes can help you to score high that too without much efforts. 

Business Environment

In an economy, all factors both internal and external that affects the functioning and performance of a company are called Business Environment.

Following environmental factors creates a complete Business Environment:

  • Global Environment
  • Natural Environment
  • Political – Legal Environment
  • Economic Environment
  • Socio-Economic Environment
  • Technological Environment

As it supposed to be quite a vast subject. Therefore, detailed study of Business Environment is important for UGC NET Commerce Preparation.

For a detailed coverage of Business Environment subject, we recommend following books:

Business Environment

Author: Bn Ghosh

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Author: Rudiger et al

Publisher: McGraw Hill


Managing financial information of a business in a structured and systematic manner is called Accounting. Accounting as a discipline is consisted of

  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial statements
  • Financial accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • International accounting
  • Managerial accounting
  • MIS for accounting

Accounting is another vast stream of UGC NET Commerce syllabus. Though, it is a part of Financial Management, nevertheless, you will be required to prepare for it separately.

We recommend following books for covering accounting syllabus of UGC NET Commerce exam:

Managerial Accounting

Author: Hilton & Platt

Publisher: McGraw Hill


Author: Robert A. et al

Publisher: McGraw Hill

International Accounting

Author: Shirin Rathore

Publisher: PHI

Business Economics

Definition of Business Economics: Using economic theory and quantitative methods to analyze business and its factors such as business organization, labor, capital markets, and strategy.

The Business Economics subject in UGC NET Commerce syllabus has limited role. Nevertheless, it is most strategic.

We have noticed that many questions from Demand and Curve Analysis, Utility Analysis, Cost and Revenue, Pricing Strategies, and Economy Theory frequently repeats in NET Commerce exam each time.

Therefore, it become important to cover all important aspects of Business Economics. Our NET/JRF Qualified Teachers have recommended following books to read for full coverage of Business Economics syllabus:

Business Economics

Author: H L Ahuja

Publisher: S Chand


Author: G. Maddala

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Industrial Economics

Author: Hay & Morris

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Business Statistics

Business Statistics as a subject primarily is study of collecting, storing and analyzing business data and information to generate valuable and actionable decisions.

Though, Research Methods subject is directly related to Business Statistics. But the later, greatly deals with theories, tools, and formulas that focuses upon collection, storage and analysis of business stats.

Often in UGC NET Commerce exam, you will notice that many assertion reasoning and analysis question usually come from Business Stats.

Our expert teachers recommend following books to cover Business Statistics syllabus:

Complete Business Statistics

Author: Amir A. et al

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Statistics for Management

Author: Richard et al

Publisher: Pearson Education

Business Management

The study of business management allows you to understand functioning of business, business activities for profit making, organization behavior, corporate governance, business communication and ethics, markets, consumer behavior, and others.

The syllabus of Business Management subject is quite vast. Hence, there may be topical books you will need to cover in order to satisfactorily cover its syllabus.

We recommend following books to study Business Management for UGC NET Commerce exam:

Organizational Behavior

Author: S. P. Robbins et al

Publisher: Pearson Education

Strategic Management

Author: J. Pearce et al

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Principles of Management

Author: Tripathi & Reddy

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Management Control System

Author: Robert & Vijay

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Business Communication

Author: M. Raman & P. Singh

Publisher: Oxford

Business Ethics & Corporate Governance

Author: Fernando

Publisher: Pearson Education

Financial Management

Another major subject in UGC NET Commerce syllabus is Financial Management. That requires detailed study and practice to effectively complete the syllabus.

Financial Management is about managing, controlling, organizing and channelizing all financial activities in order to achieve business objectives.

The major subjects in Financial Management are:

  • Risk Management
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Capital Structure
  • Dividend Policy
  • Working Capital
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Aspirants preparing for UGC NET Commerce exam should read following books to cover Financial Management syllabus:

Financial Management

Author: I. M. Pandey

Publisher: Vikas Publishing

Principles of Corporate Finance

Author: R. Brealey et al

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Human Resource Development

A formal setup to manage people within an organization is called Human Resource Development. It’s a vast area of management that’s evolving with new technological advancements, changing behaviors, and market landscapes.

The major topics to be dealt in Human Resource Development are:

  • HRM concepts and themes
  • Job analysis and design
  • HR strategy
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and development
  • Performance appraisal
  • Diversity at work
  • Compensation and benefits
  • HR Information Systems

Questions from these topics are frequently asked in UGC NET Commerce exams. Therefore, to cover almost all these topics, we recommend following books:

Fundamentals of HRM

Author: G. Dessler

Publisher: Pearson Education

Personnel Management

Author: Arun & Mirza

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Financial Market and Institutions

Study of financial markets and institutions (banking) is intrinsic part of UGC NET Commerce syllabus. As over the period of time, with introduction of e-commerce and e-payments the financial market system and institutions are changing and evolving.

Now, it is more complex than ever before. So, to help you cover it, we recommend you following books you should buy:

Financial Markets & Institutions

Author: F. S. Mishkin & S. Eakins

Publisher: Pearson Education

The Financial System in India

Author: S.C. Das

Publisher: PHI Learning

Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

Author: S. Kevin

Publisher: Prentice Hall

International Business

We have noticed lot of questions often comes from international business in UGC NET Commerce exams. Moreover, many are difficult to attend only due to wide array of factual details.

However, it is important that you cover the syllabus of International Business in-depth. Hence, we suggest you to read following books:

International Business

Author: Hill & Arun

Publisher: McGraw Hill

International Marketing

Author: P. R. Cateora et al

Publisher: McGraw Hill


Marketing can easily be placed as the top major subject in UGC NET Commerce after business management. As world of marketing is evolving with technological changes and innovative solutions. Therefore, it is important to study marketing in current context.

You could easily cover Marketing and all related topics with by reading out following books:

Marketing Management

Author: Philip Kotler

Publisher: Pearson Education

Marketing Research

Author: R. Nargundkar

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Taxation and Business Law

The last but not the least taxation and business law are the trickiest subjects of UGC NET Commerce exam. That require detail study on current tax laws, tax planning, business law, contract law, industrial law, IPR law, and advertising law.

Moreover, you will need to read and study various case studies on business laws as well. Because, many times questions from business law are not factual but subjective and application based. That makes really tough to answer.

Our teachers recommend following books to help you learn and practice taxation and business law:

Public Finance

Author: Musgrave et al

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Systematic Approach to Taxation

Author: Ahuja et al

Publisher: CCH India

India GST for Beginners

Author: Jayaram & Deepak

Publisher: White Falcon Publishing

Business Law

Author: Tulsian et al

Publisher: McGraw Hill

This is final and complete list of books that an aspirant preparing for UGC NET Commerce exam should read and study.

In case, we left out on any important book then do let us know. If you’ve any question, then please use comment box below.

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