How to Prepare for MA English Entrance Exam? – DU and JNU (2022 Updated)

How to Prepare for MA English Entrance Exam? – DU and JNU (2022 Updated)

Masters in English Literature is one of the popular degree and career options. Available to students who have completed their undergraduate studies.

This course is suitable for graduates from variety of disciplines. Making it one of the highly competitive post graduate entrance exams in India.

Another major reason for popularity of M.A. English course is that it helps students to develop their critical abilities. Especially in reading, writing, thinking and researching. Making them suitable for top reputed jobs. Such as in fields of teaching, publishing, journalism, creative writing etc.

So, if you are planning to take up English literature in your postgraduate studies. Then it is important to create interest in it, and develop your critical thinking.

Apart from these, you will also need proper guidance to prepare for MA English entrance exam. Also, good knowledge about MA English entrance test syllabus of top Universities. As there are slight to major variations in it.

Learning Skills gets you everything together in its MA English entrance exam coaching. Since 2014, we have helped more than 700 students crack India’s top universities MA English Entrance test. 

It is our unique approach to teaching, meticulous guidance, and targeted learning. That enabled students to grab seats in MA English at top Universities in India.

I have come up with tips and tricks to help students crack MA English entrance tests.

Just follow these tips and tricks. You will be better equipped and placed to crack MA English entrance exams 2017 in India.


1. Full Historical Coverage of English Literature

From the outset, you should focus on History of English. Starting from Ancient period to Contemporary period.

It is crucial to your MA English entrance preparation.

However, the entire entrance examination is not based on history of English Literature. There are other major and unique topics that students need to prepare for exam.


2. Contextual Readings of All Ages

You should have basic knowledge of socio-political and economic background of all ages. That you are going to cover.

Highlighting all the important literary events and movements associated with the particular ages.

This will give you contextual knowledge of the major works in history of English.


3. How to Deal with Factual Questions

During MA English Entrance preparation, you should also gather all the authentic facts. That will help you in dealing with factual questions.

For example, while Studying the Renaissance period. Make a list of all important biblical translations from Medieval to Renaissance period. And Theater history from Renaissance period to Restoration period etc.


4. Relevance of Contemporary British and Other Literature

History of English Literature has detailed coverage of British literature. With some references to other literature.

But nowadays top universities are giving equal weightage to other literature alongside British’s.

Thus, include broad range of categories of other literature in your MA English entrance preparations. Such as American, Indian English, Caribbean, Australian, African literature etc. 


5. Divide Syllabus into Separate Modules

The complete Coverage of Entire English literature is very difficult and exhaustive work. Its proper detailed study may take several years.

Therefore, Students should divide the MA English Entrance examination syllabus into several categories.

All categories should be studied according to their relevance to exam pattern.

The first category to cover is ancient and medieval English literature and theory. There is certain influence of these writings upon later ages.

Under the second category comes Renaissance. You should have the proper knowledge of

  • drama history, important genres, major poetry
  • drama and prose
  • theatrical performances
  • and movie adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays.

From Jacobean period onward, the syllabus starts getting vaster and very detailed. That’s why you should choose special texts, topics and authors to study from the range of categories.  Belonging to 18th century and Romantic studies, Victorian, Modern and Contemporary studies.


6. Literary Theory and Criticism (Most Important)

While preparing for MA English Entrance exam, you should have proper idea of Literary Theory and Criticism.

As most of the questions are asked from this area. It is highly crucial to your preparation strategy to ensure detailed study of it.

The last year changed DU MA English entrance exam reflects just that. It is again relevant for JNU, Jamia, Ambedkar and other top universities’ MA English entrance test.

Students should develop their critical skills to study the theory and criticism section. As one can’t attempt questions related to this section without proper understanding.


7. Passage Readings and Statements Based Questions

According to the recent pattern of DU MA English Entrance Examination. There were number of critical passages. That were related to recent critical theories and statement based questions. In some of the entrance exams, there were questions on critical appreciation of a poem.

You cannot handle these questions without developing critical thinking, reading and writing skills.


8. New Areas to Cover

Pattern change from minute to major took place last year across major MA English entrance exams in India.

Notably in DU’s MA English entrance test last year. There were several questions in logical reasoning, visual arts, current affairs and others. However, all questions were in context of English literature.

You can handle these questions by reading literature in relation to art forms. Go through all important rhetorical devices, poetic forms, literary terms and narrative techniques.


9. Regular Assessment of Preparation

During your MA English Entrance preparation, you should check your progress at regular intervals.

As they say practice makes the man perfect.

So, try to sit for mock and practice test several times. Then get your performance assessed. This will help you gain essential experience in handling questions and stress.

Major entrance exams not only judge the hard work. But the devotion and emotional quotient of students. Moreover, it judges student’s critical abilities and skills on decision making.

That too, within fixed time frame makes it harder for you all. But again, it is by design.

So, my last advice to you is to work on your time management skills.


I hope you find these tips useful and relevant.

If you have any questions related to MA English Entrance exams. Then, please feel free to use comment box below. I would be happy to help and answer your queries and questions.

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