How to Prepare for MA English Entrance Exam? – DU and JNU (2022 Updated)

How to Prepare for MA English Entrance Exam? – DU and JNU (2022 Updated)

Masters in English Literature is one of the popular degree and career options. Available to students who have completed their undergraduate studies.

This course is suitable for graduates from variety of disciplines. Making it one of the highly competitive post graduate entrance exams in India.

Another major reason for popularity of M.A. English course is that it helps students to develop their critical abilities. Especially in reading, writing, thinking and researching. Making them suitable for top reputed jobs. Such as in fields of teaching, publishing, journalism, creative writing etc.

So, if you are planning to take up English literature in your postgraduate studies. Then it is important to create interest in it, and develop your critical thinking.

Apart from these, you will also need proper guidance to prepare for MA English entrance exam. Also, good knowledge about MA English entrance test syllabus of top Universities. As there are slight to major variations in it.

Learning Skills gets you everything together in its MA English entrance exam coaching. Since 2014, we have helped more than 700 students crack India’s top universities MA English Entrance test. 

It is our unique approach to teaching, meticulous guidance, and targeted learning. That enabled students to grab seats in MA English at top Universities in India.

I have come up with tips and tricks to help students crack MA English entrance tests.

Just follow these tips and tricks. You will be better equipped and placed to crack MA English entrance exams 2017 in India.


1. Full Historical Coverage of English Literature

From the outset, you should focus on History of English. Starting from Ancient period to Contemporary period.

It is crucial to your MA English entrance preparation.

However, the entire entrance examination is not based on history of English Literature. There are other major and unique topics that students need to prepare for exam.


2. Contextual Readings of All Ages

You should have basic knowledge of socio-political and economic background of all ages. That you are going to cover.

Highlighting all the important literary events and movements associated with the particular ages.

This will give you contextual knowledge of the major works in history of English.


3. How to Deal with Factual Questions

During MA English Entrance preparation, you should also gather all the authentic facts. That will help you in dealing with factual questions.

For example, while Studying the Renaissance period. Make a list of all important biblical translations from Medieval to Renaissance period. And Theater history from Renaissance period to Restoration period etc.


4. Relevance of Contemporary British and Other Literature

History of English Literature has detailed coverage of British literature. With some references to other literature.

But nowadays top universities are giving equal weightage to other literature alongside British’s.

Thus, include broad range of categories of other literature in your MA English entrance preparations. Such as American, Indian English, Caribbean, Australian, African literature etc. 


5. Divide Syllabus into Separate Modules

The complete Coverage of Entire English literature is very difficult and exhaustive work. Its proper detailed study may take several years.

Therefore, Students should divide the MA English Entrance examination syllabus into several categories.

All categories should be studied according to their relevance to exam pattern.

The first category to cover is ancient and medieval English literature and theory. There is certain influence of these writings upon later ages.

Under the second category comes Renaissance. You should have the proper knowledge of

  • drama history, important genres, major poetry
  • drama and prose
  • theatrical performances
  • and movie adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays.

From Jacobean period onward, the syllabus starts getting vaster and very detailed. That’s why you should choose special texts, topics and authors to study from the range of categories.  Belonging to 18th century and Romantic studies, Victorian, Modern and Contemporary studies.


6. Literary Theory and Criticism (Most Important)

While preparing for MA English Entrance exam, you should have proper idea of Literary Theory and Criticism.

As most of the questions are asked from this area. It is highly crucial to your preparation strategy to ensure detailed study of it.

The last year changed DU MA English entrance exam reflects just that. It is again relevant for JNU, Jamia, Ambedkar and other top universities’ MA English entrance test.

Students should develop their critical skills to study the theory and criticism section. As one can’t attempt questions related to this section without proper understanding.


7. Passage Readings and Statements Based Questions

According to the recent pattern of DU MA English Entrance Examination. There were number of critical passages. That were related to recent critical theories and statement based questions. In some of the entrance exams, there were questions on critical appreciation of a poem.

You cannot handle these questions without developing critical thinking, reading and writing skills.


8. New Areas to Cover

Pattern change from minute to major took place last year across major MA English entrance exams in India.

Notably in DU’s MA English entrance test last year. There were several questions in logical reasoning, visual arts, current affairs and others. However, all questions were in context of English literature.

You can handle these questions by reading literature in relation to art forms. Go through all important rhetorical devices, poetic forms, literary terms and narrative techniques.


9. Regular Assessment of Preparation

During your MA English Entrance preparation, you should check your progress at regular intervals.

As they say practice makes the man perfect.

So, try to sit for mock and practice test several times. Then get your performance assessed. This will help you gain essential experience in handling questions and stress.

Major entrance exams not only judge the hard work. But the devotion and emotional quotient of students. Moreover, it judges student’s critical abilities and skills on decision making.

That too, within fixed time frame makes it harder for you all. But again, it is by design.

So, my last advice to you is to work on your time management skills.


I hope you find these tips useful and relevant.

If you have any questions related to MA English Entrance exams. Then, please feel free to use comment box below. I would be happy to help and answer your queries and questions.

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  • What topics do we need to cover from literary theory and criticism as it is a vast topic. Please suggest some z
    Specific topics from it for entrance.

    Vandana Reply
    • Structuralism, Post-Structuralism, Deconstruction, Feminism, Post Colonial Studies, Diaspora Writers, Cultural Studies, and African-American Literary Theory Writers are the major topics from which you often get questions in MA English Entrance.

      admin Reply
  • Hey!How can I develop my critical and analytical approach towards literature? My command in history of English literature is sound. But what I gathered from Ambedkar ‘s previous years’ question papers is that it’s not going to help at all. How can I develop that critical approach? How should I prepare to face critical appreciation of unknown poems type of questions? Please help.

    Ankita Reply
    • The unseen poems or passages you get in exams should be handled as RTC (Reference to Context). That means, it doesn’t matter if you do not have idea of the background and author. All you’ve to do is to write a critical description on it as you understand by reading it. However, to write a critical description you should have sound idea of literary devices, theories, critical approaches, and history of English.

      For critical writing, you need to practice critical reading and thinking. I cannot elaborate it here further. However, I can give you an overview of the major elements of a critical answer in English Literature. Those are:
      – A critical description starts from narrow and then moves to broader topics.
      – Strong and relevant reasoning behind your opinion is a must.
      – Correlation and connections with historical background and literary theories and devices enhances quality of answer.
      – Follow KISS – keep it simple silly, instead of using difficult words only to beautify your answer is a strict no.

      Let me give you an example. Suppose, if I’ve to write on Feminism, I would write:
      “Generally, Feminism can be considered as the advocacy of women’s rights. But, in literature feminism emerged as one of the prominent movement depicting the power struggle, demand for subversion of hierarchical position, and the freedom of self from the boundaries set by patriarchal society. There are many famous female writers who are later categorized/labelled as ‘prominent feminist writers’. For example, Aphra Behn, as she was one of the first professional female writers to ‘earn her livelihood by pen’. Then there are number of writers from Jane Austen to Charlotte Bronte, giving a whole spectrum of female struggle in a male dominated world through the narration of their female protagonists’ lives. In modernism period, Virginia Woolf is known for complete projection of her heroines’ thoughts and their urge to overcome the social pattern provided by male society, through the use of ‘stream of consciousness’.
      In 20th and 21st centuries, many theorist have categorized feminism under such popular labels – Neo Feminism, Radical Feminism, Black Feminism etc. But the general idea behind each specific category is same – advocacy of women’s rights. Therefore…..”

      admin Reply
      • Thank you. That was helpful. With only a fortnight left for DU ‘s entrance exam ,please suggest some last moment tips and ideas. Please. 😞I am at a loss as to how to go from here. I have a sound command on history of English literature. What more should O focus on? Can you suggest any study material for non-British literature?Please help me

        Ankita Reply
  • Isn’t there grammar in ma English entrance exam??

    Shirisha Reply
    • There are only a few questions on Grammar, around 3-4 not more than that. Largely questions come from history of English only.

      admin Reply
  • What are the maximum marks of DU’s entrance examination paper?

    Arohi Reply
    • Total marks: 100 marks
      Pattern: Multiple choice questions/objective type
      Mode: offline/pen or pencil
      Total questions: 100 (approx.)
      Total duration: 90 minutes

      admin Reply
  • Could u please suggest me books for the main topics??

    Haritha Reply
  • The information is quite helpful but does that mean I don’t need coachings for this because I already did my undergraduation In literature but I didnt understand the pattern of all the universities well. And how to solve the statement based questions as well.

    Riya Reply
    • It depends person to person, whether they need it or not.

      But coaching is simply teaching – where a qualified teacher works hard and ensure that all his/her students understand the concepts and imbibe the information.

      Our teachers are experienced in it, therefore, recently we had amazing results from DU, Ambedkar and IP University. We have top rankers from these universities. However, we will soon be updating our results online.

      And yes, you may need guidance and training in attempting statement based questions, and also you will need to cover History of English (which is not covered at UG level). Apart from this, if you’re attempting to get a seat in JNU or Ambedkar then you will need writing skills as well.

      Hence, for a student who do not have proper guidance and support, who’s unsure of his/her preparations, and wants an expert to help him/her, then in that case that student should always seek coaching.

      admin Reply
  • how should i practice on literary theory and criticism? I don’t have any idea about it.

    sk Reply
  • Is it possible to qualify in ma English entrance by using entrance guides??kindly plz replay

    Ammu Reply
    • Not possible. We have gone through major guides including top Publishers’ as well. But almost all fail on the writing part and again we found a lot of errors.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Please provide previous year question papers of Du jnu and ambedkar University in pdf. They are available here but not in pdf. Thanks a lot for your guidance. Also guide if you provide online classes for M. A ENTRANCE EXAMS.

    Vandana Reply
  • how much time do the above process of preparation (ideally) take?

    arunima bajaj Reply
    • We recommend at least a year while pursuing your 3rd year. However, if you’re free from your graduation studies then you could complete your preparations within 4-6 months time period.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Please suggest the relevant books for understanding the literary theory&criticism

    Justin Alex Reply
  • Now I am in my final year in my UG.Could you please send me the study guides&previous year question papers(JNU,DU,BHU etc) to my mail id.(

    Justin Alex Reply
  • can u plz tell me a summary topics that can cover up all the syllabus for entrance..

    Lakshmi Poojitha Reply
  • Would it be descriptive type or optional type?

    Akash verma Reply
    • DU MA English Entrance exam is complete objective, meanwhile JNU MA English Entrance exam is subjective.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Hi. I don’t have a BA in Literature but would like to pursue an MA from DU. How exactly can I start preparing for it?

    Confused Reply
  • Which book is good for prepration of ma english entrance exam?

    Mehzabi Reply
  • Thanks a lot. For ur tips.

    Kritika Choudhary Reply
  • Can u please give me a question and mark me on my answer to it so that i come to know where do I stand.It might be tedious you but it’s really a very sincere and humble request.

    Shruti Reply
  • Which book will be suitable for qualifying ma entrance in English

    Snehalata sahu Reply
  • Hi,do you educate/take classes online?

    Mansha Reply
  • Can you provide previous year question paper of DU MA ENGLISH ENTRANCE EXAM
    it will really help me

    Shubham Reply
  • i had completed my with 67% aggreagate, but i want to pursue MA ENGLISH, i know it is totally different but i am interested very much. please guide me how to prepare for MA ENGLISH enterance test?

    N.Amulya Reply
  • Hi, I am planning to give the entrance exam this year, in 2018. Could you please help me with the detailed syllabus and what study materials should i be referring. Thanks!

    Apoorva Reply
  • Would you refer some books on entrance test

    Bhanu Reply
  • How should a bsc science graduate start preparing for MA English College entrance test? And how much time will he need to start from scratch.?

    Onkar Reply
    • Start from the targeted syllabus given for MA English Entrance exam. The timeline depends largely upon your absorption speed and dedication, it can be 3 to 6 months.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • i need to know what i’m genuinely required to study from literary theory and criticism?

    shrestha chakraborty Reply
  • I am not from literature background. I know it will be difficult for me to crack the entrance. How do I go about at the first place?

    Bidisha Reply
  • I have an exam in 20 for ma English du, so sir I just want previous year paper because. The syllabus is really vast important topic. And if am not fully prepared with literally theory and criticism. Because I never had in my graduation and rest syllabus. Still it is ok.?

    Aanchal Reply
  • Sir, what is the question pattern of MA English entrance of JNU ???

    Bappa Reply
  • How can I improve my writing skills in writing critical essays? Will my reading habit help me in writing incisive critical essays?

    Mary Sweena Reply
  • Which are the books that your institute prefers?

    priyesh Reply
  • Sir I wish to do ma English in jnu but yet I didn’t start my preparation for I heard jnu is going to held the exam after 2 months that is December.I think I can’t brake that exam because I haven’t much time for it,and my knowledge is poor in English literature I haven’t much time for preparation I Know that 2 months is not sufficient for the preparation so what should I do .I hope your help. Will u give me better instructions.

    Rashid Reply
  • I will give my entrance for MA English 2019, so I want to know specific area which should be laid focus on and important topic from literary theory and criticism and do we need to have knowledge of literary terms?

    Aanchal Reply
    • There are no shortcuts or any specific topic which may, of course, make a difference. You need to cover History of English, and Literary Theory and Criticism (literary terms part of it) in detail, in order to prepare effectively for MA English Entrance exam.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Hey! I am a computer application graduate but I want to opt English for my masters. I have no clue about the BA English syllabus whatsoever. I want to get into one of the best universities as well. Can you tell me where to start from, the books I must read and how should I prepare?

    Aishwarya Reply
    • As you will need to start from the basics, therefore, we recommend taking up our MA English Entrance coaching, we have both online and offline batch.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Can a graduate write this entrance for pg in English literature.?

    Lakshmi Reply
    • Yes you can.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Which book can I use to understand the history of english literature and social history of England

    Anu Reply
  • Sir u provide both online nd offline coaching for ma english entrance nd if yes I want to know where I can get offline one?

    Kiran Reply
    • Yes, we do provide in both online and offline mode for MA English Entrance. Our institute is located near to GTB Nagar Metro Station Gate No. 4 – 55 Edward Line, Kingsway Camp Delhi – 110009. You can call us on 8750081919 (between 10am to 6pm) for directions to our office.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Can I find any sample papers for eng honours entrance to crack the du exams?

    Nidhi Reply
    • It is not recommended to read sample papers as each year DU brings some changes to the entrance exam pattern. However, you should read the detailed MA English Entrance syllabus. You can purchase our MA English Entrance Study Material to cover all the syllabus in a targeted and detailed manner. Buy our MA English Entrance study material here –

      Learning Skills Reply

    Ashique kA Reply
  • Is there any book available to crack M.a English Entrance exam …plz tell me…I need too much

    gouRav jinDal Reply
  • Can you please suggest some good apps for ma entrance test

    Priyanka Reply
  • Does the syllabus of m.a English entrance of Delhi University remain the same Or changing every year plz tell me plzzz

    gouRav jinDalg Reply
    • No, the syllabus is the same, however, the exam pattern have changed to objective type.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Is the new new exam pattern for jnu n the Objective form?

    Charul Chandak Reply
    • Yes, the exam pattern is objective-MCQs (multiple type questions). However, the syllabus is still the same.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Is the Vikram university department good for doing MA English , please suggest

    Nitesh Reply
  • In 2020 what would be the exam pattern of m.a english entrance of Delhi university……option type or not

    gouRav jinDal Reply
    • The exam pattern in 2020 of DU MA English Entrance will be objective type (multiple choice questions).

      Learning Skills Reply
  • How to prepare for Poetry part In entrance for English..??

    Richa Sharma Reply
    • Refer to previous year question papers, and go through major poets and their works in English Literature.

      Learning Skills Reply
  • Is it neccessary to complete b.a honours syllabus …who are not from b.a background…..i am totally messed up with syllabus pf b.a honours .can u plz send me that ……and time management…will i be able to complete all this in 3 months only

    Mehvish Reply
  • What is Jnu m.a.english entrance exam mode… And how i crack the exam. Please tell me sir

    Kiran Eknath Halver Reply
  • What are the best books and study material needed for preparation?

    Devika chaturvedi Reply
  • Hello ! I completed my BA in English literature. I plan to do my MA either in Du or Jnu… can I take a year off and prepare for my entrance ? If I take a year off Will it affect the admission?

    Vandhana Reply
    • Hello Vandhana, it is quite common that many students drop a year or two to prepare for entrance exams and secure a seat at India’s top leading universities such as DU, JNU and others. No, it will not affect your prospect in securing seat in anyway. Moreover, there are candidates in their 30s and 40s also appear for entrance exams and secure seat at these universities. So, take your time, effectively prepare for entrance exam, you don’t need to rush. If you need help to prepare in a structured manner, our course can help you, visit this link for more info >>

      Learning Skills Reply

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