How To Use Facebook Marketing for Small Business?

How To Use Facebook Marketing for Small Business?

Facebook is the world largest social media with more than a billion users (900 million active users). Moreover, it is largely a free space, which many companies and brands across the world us it for marketing.

If you are starting up online to market your small business, then we recommend you to start from Facebook marketing itself. It is quite easy to manage and use Facebook marketing, but all you need is a proper guidance.

We have to do list for you to use Facebook marketing for small business.

  1. Create a proper and professional business page

It is necessary that you start your Facebook marketing with the creation of Facebook business page. And remember to integrate Facebook plugin box with your website, and also use your Facebook business page everywhere – on catalogues, brochures, business cards etc.

  1. Create a content schedule, and be consistent with your postings

Before you set out to create and share content post on Facebook. Try creating a schedule, and make a habit to religiously follow it. Also remember to create variety of content in shape of – text (questions, quotes, festival wishes), images (trolls, infographics, gifs) or videos (infomercials, behind-the-scenes, funny videos).

  1. Use your personal brand

In B2B business industry, we have seen how personal brand can do wonders, moreover, in B2C you can use your personal brand to create strong relationships, and empower your company brand. You can start sharing quality content from your industry or share tips and tricks or inside knowledge and news to become an influencer in your industry.

  1. Start group posting

Group posting is another method to reach your target audience. For example, if you are a real estate agent based in New Delhi’s Model Town area, then most probably you would want to post your latest real estate in local groups of Model Town.

  1. Newsjack or Trendjack

You can create latest content on popular news or trends in your vertical or related industry to reach your audience. For example, Indian government is going to introduce new real estate legislation, then you can write a piece on it to grab your audience attention.

There are more ways to reach your audience. You can do a lot on social media. You must be doing some. Then why not you share few of your tips that worked for you? Please feel free to use comment box below.

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