7 Top WordPress Plugins for Search Engine Optimization

7 Top WordPress Plugins for Search Engine Optimization

The seven top WordPress plugins for SEO not only boost your rankings but sales as well.

Checkout the list to get started.

The WordPress CMS is virtually ineffective and inefficient without plugins. In the case of SEO, again you cannot do without WordPress plugins. We have listed out the top plugins for on-page SEO that get your sorted.


  1. Yoast SEO

If you’re using free Yoast SEO plugin, then probably you already know it’s capability and power. But let me tell you, it can do much more than that.

For people, who don’t have idea about Yoast SEO, let me tell you that it is the ultimate SEO WordPress plugin. That guide you to how to improve your rankings, and on-page SEO.

yoast seo wordpress pluginYou could also do Social Media Optimization on free plugin. Moreover, the new edition also has readability score index attached to it. That actually guides you to improve your content for better SEO rankings.yoast social media optimization

In addition, Yoast manages awesome blog on SEO that you must follow to learn to improve your SEO.


  1. WP Smush

WP Smush helps you in image optimization. What it actually does is that it reduces the size of your image without effecting image quality.

The images/graphics/photos are the real convict behind slow website’s speed most of the time. By managing the size of images, you could drastically improve your website speed.

The WP Smush plugin actually compress your images, and removes unnecessary data attached with it. It is quite easy to use, and works automatically to compress all your images.

It is important from SEO perspective to have high speed website. Therefore, WP Smush has important role to play.


  1. WP Super Cache

The website speed has crucial role to play in your SEO. With slow website speed, you lose on two points:

First you will lose your rank as Google prefers high speed website in top searches.

Second you will lose lot of incoming traffic. As major portion of your traffic will bounce away due to slow website speed.

The WP Super Cache generates static HTML file of your website to allow faster opening of your website. Instead of loading the heavier files of WP PHP scripts.

As it boosts your website speed, you could test your page speed using Google Page Speed tool.


  1. WP Performance Score Booster

This is another tool that allows you to enhance your website speed. The WP Performance Score Booster WordPress plugin improves your website speed much quicker.

The WP Score Booster plugin compresses otherwise cluttered CSS, Javascript, XML, Text, HTML, and other major files. And also leverages browser caching to further boost your website speed.

broken link checkerYou could use WP Cache and WP Performance Score Booster together to make your website much faster and efficient.


  1. Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

Broken links on website is highly harmful for SEO and your ranking in search engines. It is recommended to remove them immediately.

If you’ve a large website and you find it difficult to check broken links. Then you could use Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin.

This plugin will help you to find and fix all your broken links on your website. However, running this plugin could slow down your hosting. Therefore, it is recommended to run this plugin at odd hours.


  1. Rankie WordPress Plugin (Paid)

If you’re looking for all-inclusive WordPress SEO plugin, then Rankie is one of the best plugins available.

This plugin single handedly helps you with

  1. track your Google rankings
  2. generate analytics reports
  3. research target keywords
  4. track target keywords
  5. regular report on email
  6. keyword graph support

This plugin combined with Yoast SEO can do lot more. If you’re looking to improve your SEO performance, we bet it is going to your best investment.

The Rankie WordPress plugin is available only for US$ 17 at Themeforest.



  1. WordPress Auto Spinner – Articles Rewrite (Paid)

Do you find it tiring to write loads of content on your website? And many times you find it difficult to add more content?

Then you need WordPress Auto Spinner WordPress plugin. This plugin will allow you publish bulk of content without getting caught.

You could even check it on Copyscape after using this plugin. However, I do not recommend using Article Rewrite software.

Nevertheless, you may use to rewrite articles such as notifications, news, press release, and article that carries factual information. This will help you add write ups to your website easily without much investment.

This WordPress Auto Spinner – Articles Rewrite plugin is available for US$ 21 at Themeforest.

article rewriter

If you think this list is incomplete, then please use comment box below to give your suggestions.

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