3 Software Applications That Every Entrepreneur Should Learn

3 Software Applications That Every Entrepreneur Should Learn

Entrepreneurial journey is one of the most challenging journey, which need efficient and effective planning and execution. Therefore, to optimize your planning and execution, business software applications can help you a lot.

Learning Skills is also a result of an untiring entrepreneurial journey, where we employed robust software applications to maximize our students’ delight. Even you can too.

Here is a list of 3 software applications that you should be using to manage your start up.

  1. Microsoft Office

If you want to learn the ultimate software application to manage your business then that is Microsoft Office. It is a powerhouse of software apps that have the most essential software such as Microsoft Word for documentation, Excel for accounting and calculations, PowerPoint for presentation, Publisher for developing marketing collaterals, and many other apps.

We believe Microsoft office will be enough for all your daily common to complex business operations.

  1. Photoshop

Today, we live in a digital world, where almost every day you will need a graphic, pamphlet, social media post or any other graphical work to do. We believe it is expensive to hire a graphic designer.

However, you can always learn Photoshop to create graphics. It is not difficult to learn and use Photoshop for daily usage, and moreover you would enjoy to use it and save you tons of money.

  1. Tally/Quickbooks/Intuit – Accounting Software Applications

Last but not the least, you will need an accounting software to manage your books. In India for bookkeeping purposes Tally, Quickbooks and Busy accounting software are quite popular. You can choose one of them, and learn to use.

Yes, they can be difficult but in the long run it will be fruitful to manage your books, and keep your accounts clean, accessible, and transparent.

It is important for entrepreneur to stay equipped with important life skills, and IT software app knowledge to not only manages his/her business but take it to growth trajectory.

If you want to learn, some important life skills that can help you in managing your startup then view some of our life skill courses.

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