3 Exercises To Improve Your Communication in English

3 Exercises To Improve Your Communication in English

Learning everyday English is not much difficult, but all it takes regularity and practice. As they say – practice makes the man perfect – which is true in any case.

With few exercises, you can exponentially improve your communication in English. Just try to make them your habit. A research confirms that doing task every day for 60 days becomes your habit. So, to make these exercises your habit, then try following them religiously for 60 days.

Now, let us get to the point.

We are assuming that you already have basic knowledge of grammar, and you can write accurate English, and properly structure sentences.

Following are the listed three exercises to improve your communication in English:

  1. Mirror Yourself

You have to stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself on a specific topic. Don’t keep your discussion with yourself narrow, try to talk in favor and against, and list out gains-losses, advantages-disadvantages, and right-wrong.

  1. Appear for interviews

To experiment and learn then you can appear for job interviews (esp. for call centers), where you most probably get candid review about your communication skills. But, we would recommend this exercise only if you’ve gained basic grasp over the language.

  1. Talk to customer care in English

You can talk to customer care in English – at hotel reception, lodging a compliant on call or in person at their office, or anywhere you get to talk to customer care executive. This because, customer care executives have better communication skills, and you can learn a lot from them only by talking to them.

  1. Listen to English news channel carefully

We would recommend you to watch English news channels religiously instead of English movies or songs. Because newsreaders on TV have good grasp over language, pronunciation and clarity.

  1. Write something before going to sleep

You can write a diary or any short note on day’s happenings or any random topic. The aim is to ensure that you write, and try to write like as if you’re speaking to someone. Make sure that you keep it short, but interesting, concise, expressive, and grammatically correct.

We are sure there are more exercises you can do to improve your English language fluency. However, we believe above mentioned exercises are enough if done properly and regularly. You witness improvements within few months in your knowledge, and communication skills.

Now you, if you have any queries or questions please feel free to use comment box below.

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