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Learn to exponentially increase your lead generation capacity with email marketing.


May 25, 2017
2 days


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  • Free email templates and designs
  •  Free email online tools
  • Online marketing basics
  • Smaller batches with maximum 15 participants
  • Free study material and email marketing book
  • Personalized approach to teaching
  • Free career and business counseling & consulting
  • Experienced and expert training faculty

Email marketing is one of the first online marketing tool, which is still relevant in today’s digital age. Our brimming inboxes are proof of how much email marketing is still relevant today.

Particularly, if you are a marketer or businessman or entrepreneur. You may want to take up a email marketing course in Delhi to reach your target audience.

The number one reason for this is that email marketing has much higher conversion rate. Than many online marketing techniques. In some cases email marketing is ahead of offline marketing as well.

Learning Skills has introduced email marketing course that increase your career prospects. Or help you increase your online sales.

The email marketing course in Delhi covers from

  • installing email client to email creating
  • blasting
  • and then measuring success.

Moreover, basics of:

  • social media marketing
  • analytics
  • blogging
  • content marketing
  • and search engine optimization

are included in the curriculum.

If you are an online marketing beginner. Then probably e-mail marketing would be the first thing you would want to learn. Right after you can start generating leads and driving sales online.

So, join today at Learning Skills email marketing course in Delhi to head start.

Batch Email Marketing Course Batch 2017
Start Date 25th May 2017
Duration 2 days
Fee Rs. 2,000/-
Registrations Open till 15th May 2017


  1. Introduction to Email Marketing
  2. Email Marketing Software and Online Apps
  3. Email Marketing Process
  4. Email Marketing Campaign Planning
  5. Email Marketing Strategies
  6. Writing and Designing Emails
  7. Segmenting and Targeting
  8. Opt-in Strategies and Increasing Subscribers
  9. Email Content Marketing
  10. Email Automation
  11. Increase Email Deliverability
  12. Maximizing Email Conversion Rate
  13. Tracking, Monitoring and Measuring
  14. Live Projects


Total fee = Rs. 2,000/-

Book your seat today by paying Rs. 100/- registration fee online. 

Only 25 seats per batch available.


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